Intelligent management of spaces

The all-in-one platform for sustainable, comfortable and safe spaces.



ORPHEUS is the all-in-one management system for the buildings of the future. It provides an advance quality management of the buildings thanks to their self-learning algorithms.

With real time information, recommendations and alerts, it helps to improve:

  • Climate control
  • Air quality
  • Capacity and occupancy
  • Lighting
  • Cleaning services
  • Security
Orpheus Sensor

Gestión inteligente de edificios

La plataforma todo-en-uno para conseguir espacios sostenibles, confortables y seguros.


Orpheus vs. COVID19

Orpheus also ensures to be compliance with Covid-19 safety protocols.

It provides real-time information to the occupants of each room and ensures the right ventilation required.

  • LED light signals from the sensor
  • Wireless installation, no WiFi required
  • Share the conditions of the space with a QR-poster
  • Receive early warnings so you are always at a safe level
  • Offers a full guarantee to your customers and users


Garantiza el cumplimiento del protocolo COVID con los sensores de ORPHEUS.

Da información a tiempo real a los ocupantes de cada sala y garantiza que ésta se ventila cuando es necesario.

  • Avisos con luz LED desde el propio sensor
  • Instalación sin cables, y no necesita WiFi
  • Comparte las condiciones del espacio con un cartel QR
  • Recibe alertas anticipadas para estar siempre a niveles seguros
  • Ofrece una garantía objetiva a tus clientes y usuarios


Transform your buildings by making them intelligent in a few minutes.

Reduce operating costs, ensure safe and comfortable conditions and improves the perception of your customers and workers.


If you are an installation or maintenance company, become part of OrpheusPartner.

Offer your clients the most global solution in the market and position yourself as their best ally in the integral management of their spaces.



It guarantees users, customers and workers a healthy and virus-free environment.
It ensures minimum energy demand and reduces significantly CO2 emissions.
Reduce energy costs and maintenance costs. Everything will run for less time.
Manage the right energy for the benefit and sustainability of your building.
Achieve a healthier working environment, transmit confidence to your visitors and increase visits from face-to-face customers.
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Benefit from an innovative improvement that takes care of your visitors and shares your efforts.

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Applying ORPHEUS to your spaces is might simpler than you think. In just a few minutes you will have everything ready to improve the use of your spaces.

1. Place sensors inside the building

It is as easy as sticking the sensor on the wall. Without wires and without configuration.

2. Connect the SmartHub to the power supply

The SmartHub is like a typical ADSL router. Connect it to any point in the building and it will communicate perfectly with all sensors, no matter how far away they are.

3. Win a safer, more sustainable and efficient building

Orpheus will ensure that safety, sustainability and energy efficiency guidelines are met. It eliminates human error in day-to-day management.



All the power of Orpheus in two forms: Orpheus and OrpheusPro


The best option to take the first step towards smart buildings.

Install Orpheus sensors to know in real time the state of your spaces and receive recommendations to improve their safety, comfort and energy consumption.

Orpheus incorporates:

  • Access to all future Orpheus enhancements
  • Lifetime devices warranty
  • Unlimited management of buildings and zones
  • Unlimited users and 3 role levels
  • Integrable with third-party platforms via APIs


The definitive step towards the buildings of the future: Endow your buildings with AUTONOMOUS MANAGEMENT so that they can self-correct their behaviour in real time.

Offload your team from day-to-day management tasks and forget about human error.

Right now, OrpheusPRO is available for the following areas:

    • Climate control
    • Lighting
    • Ventilation and air renewal

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Tenemos Orpheus para garantizar la ventilación en las aulas y nos hemos dado cuenta de que cada una tiene un comportamiento diferente.

Albert Martí ( Director de centro educativo - Terrassa, Cataluña )

Desde que tenemos OrpheusPro, el consumo de calefacción de la escuela se ha desplomado. Además han desaparecido las quejas de los usuarios por disconfort térmico.

Albert Guàrdia ( Concejal - Les Planes d'Hostoles, Cataluña )

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