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GMP - Parque Norte Office Buildings, Madrid

Differentiate and offer in their spaces a premium quality
and comfort and minimise energy consumption.

Offering a complete solution that adapts to the demands of each space has given GMP a plus of differentiation, providing extra comfort and quality in its office buildings, whether already built or newly constructed.

'We value positively the speed and efficiency of the service. In addition, this solution integrates perfectly with our app, allowing us to show users all the information in real time.' - GMP's Digital Transformation Manager


GMP is one of Spain’s leading property groups. Challenged to adapt their office buildings into safer places with all kinds of benefits for their guests, they contacted Orpheus in search of a unique solution to meet their requirements.

They needed to adapt their spaces to the new situation. In other words, to guarantee optimum environmental quality in each space, helping workers to return to the offices. To do this, in just 1 week, we studied their buildings in Parque Norte and placed a sensor in each space, controlling the management of ventilation, but also of temperatures, programming its operation according to the variation in demand during the day.

In addition, with GMP we took on the challenge of preparing the OrpheusSensors to control the environmental quality in open spaces, guaranteeing a healthy atmosphere on the terraces of each office building.


After activating the digitisation plan for its buildings, GMP can now control all its resources and offer its users premium buildings.

With Orpheus, GMP now guarantees comfort and environmental quality in its meeting rooms as well as on all shared terraces. In addition, they can link real-time building usage information to their own mobile app.


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